Ningbo Chinki Sewing Machine Technology Co.,Ltd Is China’s new generation of customized solution provider for scientific sewing.Our company offers international customers to enjoy efficient, fast product services, through providing emerging sewing technologies and  individualized products to Chinese and international customers in over 20 countries and regions.Our company engages in the development, production, sales and service of state of the automatic sewing machines. Quickly grow into one of China’s new generation of smart sewing machine manufacturers.

Nextsew is one of special sewing machine brand in our company! It has complete industrial special sewing machine combination.Pattern sewing machine as the representative, We quickly formed “Technology sewing” directly to “Factory use” this terminal to terminal individualize solution. Through special customization、Fast service、Flexible to meet the different needs of international customers. Currently, Our products have been served Asia, Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and so on; Including ZARA, Nike, Adidas, Heilan.

Our company insists taking the innovation of sewing technology as the core, cooperate with well-known European technology research and development institution‘INTER MACH AUTOMATION’,Established “RUI technology” group which is Specializes in sewing machine technology,We focus on the development of new generation sewing technology and the exploration of garment technology, the research results have been certified by many national patents; Based on customer care, branded group“RUI technology”Is composed of the most dynamic members of the industry,to carry forward the spirit of the brand, respond to global customer needs.

When the intersection with traditional sewing technology and new generation of smart sewing technology, we advocate customers to use technology sewing to enjoy a more comfortable sewing experience; We put innovation, quality, care as a corporate culture throughout our entire company, also reflected in the development, production, logistics, services.We will exist in the field of professional special sewing machine , in order to pass the new value to customer

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